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Innovation Philadelphia was the authority whose activity was focused on the need of the community. The group provided a wide range of services to the individuals residing in the state of Pennsylvania, many of which were intended to keep people up to date with the latest developments in the world of technology. Technology and the way it has developed over the years have a great impact on the life of the individuals and this is why everyone should know what is new in this industry. Innovation Philadelphia was structured around four main areas, including Young Professionals, Global Business, and the Creative side of Economy. More importantly, the group also included a think tank that would meet and brainstorm every time new ideas for further development were needed. The main of Innovation Philadelphia was to bring a creative economy in Philadelphia and to make a difference in the lives of the citizens living in this area by sustaining the growth of technological development.

Ipphila.com focused on educating individuals about everything that technology implies. Perhaps not many are interested in the details that come when new technology is developed, but it is certainly useful to be aware of what is happening in the United States and in the world when it comes to this sector of economy. The group organized several seminars and conferences through which the ideas and skills of citizens of Pennsylvania were expanded. These actions allowed the professionals to share their experience and provided the young enthusiasts with the opportunity of being able to learn from of the best in the state. The group also organized several fairs and one of them was the Creative Industries Career Fair. This particular fair was intended for professionals who had been working in the sector for at least 3 years already and it was meant to provide them with a platform of discussion. Moreover, the group organized several conferences on networking and the importance of change of information between the professionals working in the same area.

Lastly, the organization would offer prizes and awards to the most talented and dedicated professionals. The award was given to the individuals selected by the Green Building Alliance who had come up with the best project in what consists sustainable development, with a specific emphasis on green building projects and their implementation and management. The grants were known as the Product Innovation Grants and they were especially designed to encourage professionals put more effort on the development and marketing of green products.

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