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The publications of Innovation Philadelphia were among some of the most useful that one can find as a young and creative professional. This website had an eye towards developing Philadelphia into something even better than what it already is, and it believes the only way to do this is by giving the already talented pros the tools they need to make wise decisions in the business world. That is why a trip to the this website could produce any number of highly beneficial findings such as:

The Global Plan for Greater Philadelphia Phase I
What is in store for the city of Philadelphia in the years ahead? One may keep tabs with all the latest updates.
Innovation Philadelphia’s Magazine
Informative news and feature stories unlock the tools that young professionals need to be creative and inspired.
21st Century Review Forum Executive Summary
Features more of the best ideas for the Greater Philadelphia area since the dawn of the new millennium.
Greater Philadelphia Region International Resource Guide
How can young professionals make Philadelphia stand out in the growing global economy? One may find out here.
Innovation Philadelphia Newsletter
Fast tidbits on news that is of importance to young and creative professionals.
Greater Philadelphia Road Map 2003 Executive Summary
A walk down memory lane—how has Philadelphia changed over the last 10 years? One may take a look at this report for answers.
Innovation and Entrepreneurial Index
All the major tools and information at a glance.
Pennsylvania Technformation
What role does technology play in Philadelphia’s growth and development? (Hint: a big one. Read here.)
Young and Restless: How Philadelphia Competes for Talent
What is the city doing to get the most talented pros within its borders? This feature divulges the details.
Greater Philadelphia Financing Guide
How can one get adequate financing for a business? It starts with a look at this guide.

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