Philadelphia Business Development


Innovation Philadelphia was a group concerned with the development of the technology industry and everything that had to do with it. Its main focus was to think about the future and to find ways to reconcile the technological development with the need of keeping the environment safe. In one word, Innovation Philadelphia was greatly concerned with the sustainable development and it made it its purpose to educate individuals into thinking more ‘green’. The group also organized several fairs and conferences that serve as discussion platforms for professionals involved in these businesses and as opportunities to learn from the best for those who did not have much experience in the sector but whom were willing to embark into such a career.

The staff of Innovation Philadelphia worked together to bring more innovative businesses into Philadelphia and sustain the growth of the economy through innovation. While strengthening the economy of Philadelphia was one of the goal of the group, their actions were targeted towards the community, especially to educating people about the current situation in the sector of innovation and the prospects that should be considered. Innovation Philadelphia members made sure that they informed the community about the latest developments in the sector and for that they would organize conferences or fairs in the region but in the United States as well. The main idea was to promote the exchange of information and to allow professionals to share their talent as to provide Philadelphia with more chances to increase its potential.

Sustainable development was a great part of Innovation Philadelphia’s doings and often its members and staff would organize conferences on green building. They would even offer grants to the best ideas of how to develop and implement green building projects. And these ideas were spread throughout the region and the country through the Ipphila staff.

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