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Independence Hall -is a building in which crucial decisions were made during the history of the United States. It is an iconic symbol of Philadelphia, and it is extremely popular with tourists. Excursion to the Independence Hall begins with the courtroom (Supreme Court Room). Also Assembly Hall is demonstrated on the ground floor. It is in exactly the same way as during the meetings of the Continental Congress. On the second floor there are the other rooms: Long Gallery, Governor’s Council Chamber, Committee of Assembly Chamber. Independence Hall is opened 365 days a year. Hours vary by season.

The famous “Liberty Bell”, which convened the citizens of Philadelphia for the announcement of the Declaration of Independence, is located on a separate pavilion Liberty Bell Center. This exhibition you can find across the street. Initially it was located in the bell tower of Independence Hall, but in 1976 was removed from its historical place. In the bell tower itself, instead of this historical relic another one now is located. It is the “Centennial Bell”, made for the centennial celebration of the Declaration of Independence.

Oceanarium “Aquarium Adventures” (Adventure Aquarium) – is a real treasure not only to neighboring Camden, but to the entire Philadelphia region. Oceanarium is geographically located in Camden on the other side of the Delaware River. This is the fifth in size Aquarium in the country. You can get to the aquarium of Philadelphia in several ways: walking across the bridge, on cars, on a light tram, as well as by ferry. The latter method is the most interesting; however, it is opened only in the summer period. Boarding on the ferry takes place near the Maritime Museum of Philadelphia, and landing is right in front of the Oceanarium. It is opened 365 days a year.

On an area of almost 20000 square meters in over 2 million liters of water over 8500 animals live.

Among the attractions of Adventure Aquarium there are:
• Exotic marine species;
• Waterfall with the inhabitants of the Amazon;
• Shark-infested underwater tunnel inside the aquarium;
• Two African hippos named Button and Jenny, each of which weighs about 1.5 tons;
• The island with African flightless penguins;
• Coast of the sea lions;
• 4-D cinema (3D + movement, wind and spray).

Philadelphia Museum of Art – a huge museum, one of the most important sights of the city. Its history began with the Universal Exhibition in 1876, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence. The exhibition, which was bearing the name of the Centennial Exhibition, took place in the territory of Fairmount Park. One of the elements became the creation of the museum and demonstration of works of art, sculpture, architecture.

Elfreth’s Alley – is a historic street, located near the Delaware River in the old part of Philadelphia. Thirty two houses are well preserved, there is a small museum.

Betsy Ross House -is another major attraction of the old part of Philadelphia. According to the legend, in this house Betsy Ross created the first American flag.

Franklin Institute – is one of the oldest scientific museums in the USA. It is of great interest to both: adults and children.

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) – its museum fund totals more than 1 million objects, many of which were brought from the expeditions.

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